This Second Grader's "Tired Mom" Costume Is Too Real

While ghouls and goblins are always frightening, real-world situations are their own kind of horror. Parenting may not be jump-out-of-your-seat scary, but thanks to the demand of kids, it can sometimes feel like a nightmare. That's why seven-year-old Lainie Griffin's tired mom costume got over 180,000 likes and 22,000 comments on Facebook after it was shared by a family friend.
"This is the best costume ive ever seen!" the caption reads, pointing out the dark circles under her eyes and the spit up on her sweatshirt. Lainie topped it off with not one but two fake babies, with one hilariously clinging to her leg.

While Lanie's mother helped create the costume, it was totally her own idea.“I just added the dark circles with a bit of dark brown eyeshadow and the baby spit-up, which was made up of water and baby powder mixed up and dribbled on her shoulder,” mother Jessica explained to Us Weekly. "Lainie came up with the baby around the leg because I always have one of her younger siblings sitting on my foot when I’m trying to do something!"

Her costume was so popular because it was so relateable, and the comments prove it.

"Uh yeah," begins one mom. "Throw in being 8 months pregnant and that's me lol."

"I thought she was a zombie," wrote another. "Without coffee...same difference, I guess."

Unfortunately, for most mothers, this costume is worn year-round.


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