This Woman Had A Classy Response To Body-Shamers Criticizing Her Engagement Photos

When Ghanaian nurse Mzznaki Tetteh posted her engagement photos on Instagram, she probably wasn't expecting them to go viral. However, thanks to her classy response to body-shaming trolls, she's making the news.

Tetteh shared photos from her engagement shoot last week on her Instagram account, including a shot of her fiancé playfully lifting her up.

My shield...awww

A photo posted by mzznaki (@mzznaki) on


A photo posted by mzznaki (@mzznaki) on

While the photo got a lot of love from many Instagram users, a disturbing amount of people used the happy commemoration as an opportunity to body-shame Tetteh.

According to BuzzFeed, ruthless comments about Tetteh and her fiancé included, "she needs to loss [sic] weight, not good for her health," "this girl isn't gonna look 'beautiful' in a wedding dress like this," and "you can see the struggle in his face." Tetteh has gone through and deleted most of the negative comments on her photos.

She may be on the receiving end of some disgustingly unwarranted negativity, but Tetteh isn't letting the haters ruin her special moment.

Her response? A photo of herself on Instagram with the caption, "Still confident...your rubbish comments ain't ruining my happiness...thanks to all for the compliments and best honored."
When asked about the classy comeback and confident Instagram posts, she told The Revelist, "that's just me."

Her fiancé, Kojo Amoah, also clapped back at the haters, telling Ghana Web, "I am so proud of my woman and I don’t care about what anybody says out there."

Hey this!

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Here's to this loving, supportive couple — and to Tetteh's inspiring elegance and confidence.

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