Adam Brody Is Gonna Be A Daddy In This Exclusive Clip From Growing Up & Other Lies

Sometimes, growing up means realizing when it's time to pack it up and move home. In Growing Up and Other Lies, Jake (Josh Lawson) is about to ditch NYC for good, but he wants to spend one last day with his buddies walking the length of Manhattan. They've got their own problems, whether it's getting used to office life or just, you know, dealing with life after college. 

In this exclusive clip, Adam Brody's character Rocks (no really, that's his name) has a heart-to-heart with his girlfriend Emma (Lauren Miller), who's pregnant with his baby. Rocks has been wishy-washy about this whole parenting thing, so Emma has gone ahead and made a birth plan that doesn't exactly include him. Yikes!

Growing Up and Other Lies co-stars Wyatt Cenac, Danny Jacobs, and Amber Tamblyn. Jacobs and Darren Grodsky co-wrote and co-directed. The movie opens in theaters and on demand March 20.           

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