Meet This Chic Funny Girl From Second City

Photographed by Heather Talbert.
While you can paint on the perfect pout and brush stroke your way to killer cheekbones, you can't fake a sense of humor. But, what if you happen to be blessed with the best of both worlds? Meet Tawny Newsome, the Second City actress whose gorgeous looks and comedic chops are nothing less than true blue. With experience both writing and performing for the renowned Chicago institution, Newsome is the ultimate funny girl.
And, because we love to hang around people who make us laugh (and pick up their beauty tips), we spent the afternoon at Newsome's pad talking about everything from her obsession with high-quality makeup that doesn't destroy her skin (hello, hot theater lights!) to where she learned all of the tricks of the trade. What are you waiting for? This is one performance you don't have to pay for.

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