15 Movies That Actually Deserve A Remake

There is much to be lamented about the Hollywood remake machine, which frequently takes beloved movies and butchers them into oblivion. The recent Robocop, once an '80s classic adored for its ridiculousness — and now a current box office contender that threatens to take itself all too seriously — has everyone in an uproar once again.
But, Robocop also got us thinking: Are there some movies out there that would actually benefit from a rejiggering? Perhaps spectacular technological failures too ambitious for their times. Or, alternatively, movies with such timeless appeal that the commentary they originally offered could easily be relevant today. People in charge: If you're listening, here are a few we'd actually like to see return to theaters.
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The Andromeda Strain
This movie is pretty great in its original form, but if given a light update, it would definitely still be of interest to a modern audience. The aesthetics are incredible as well, and we'd love to see that '70s vision of space get a high-def treatment.
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Æon Flux
This cartoon was so edgy and cool and really spoke to our collective dystopian dreams in an interesting, earnest, tongue-in-cheek kind of way. Unfortunately, it kind of got neutered with this overly slick rendering. We'd love to see a version more faithful to the cartoon — maybe one that incorporates the character's recurring death at the end of every episode, and perhaps adds a bit more humor, humanity, and weirdness.
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Here's one that really deserves a remake. This ‘80s curio starred a super-young Ethan Hawke and River Phonenix, who, you know, cobble together a spaceship out of spare parts in their off hours. No big. It was also sweet, smart, and didn’t treat the children on screen or in the audience like little dummies. It’s the kind of good-hearted sci-fi film we could really use in Hollywood’s current age of all-grit-all-the-time.
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Earth Girls Are Easy
Okay, so this isn't necessarily a movie that should be remade so much as one we'd love to see someone actually pull off. Of course, that would be no easy feat considering the greatness of the original is almost entirely dependent on the unique physique, acting ability, and particular place in pop culture of one Jeff Goldblum. But, if some genius casting director could convince one of today's most prominent sex symbols to really poke fun at themselves and act crazy, well, we'd gladly pay to see it.
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Event Horizon
Don't get us wrong — this is a great movie. We love it. But, it hasn't aged very well. The story is as strong as ever, but it would be cool to see it get a hyper-modern reimagining that would bring back some of the fear it once instilled in viewers.
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The Golden Compass
This is a very passionate choice for many of us. We were so excited to see the beloved book come to the movie screen, but the result was less-than-perfect (and that's not even counting the disappointingly prominent CGI). Honestly, they should have put less money into this so that they could've expanded on the rich story of the entire trilogy. We'll keep our fingers crossed, for now.
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The Last Starfighter
This simple “hero’s journey” tale played off of the early ‘80s craze for Star Wars and arcade games. Simply put, a joystick jockey is beamed up into space to fight evil aliens thanks to his video game skills. It was awesome — even if the acting and the first-generation digital effects look awful now. With gaming now a multibillion-dollar industry, this little gem seems perfectly placed to tap into the prevailing zeitgeist again and deliver jaw-breaking 3-D entertainment.
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Cube, Cube 0, and Cube 2: Hypercube
Right now, movies like this fall into the category of things you rented a few years ago when there was nothing else good left at Blockbuster. Not horrible, not great, and a little laughable at times. With a better cast and script, though, the Cube series has potential to leave a bit more of an impression than we get from the current version.
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In The Mouth Of Madness
Anyone who saw this when it first came out knows it was terrifying. Unfortunately, now, it feels a little silly and lackluster for the modern sensibility. John Carpenter fans will have no problem sticking to the original, but people raised on a different kind of horror might benefit from a slightly tweaked version.
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They Live
Another John Carpenter pick — but this one would only be an acceptable remake if he consented to do it himself. It's an awesome movie that has a very relevant message today, but it also unfairly suffers from the '80s aesthetic that tends to feel a bit hokey in 2014. The original is more beloved for that aesthetic in a way, but unlike, say Big Trouble In Little China, it doesn't feel so quintessentially '80s that you could never even imagine it in any other decade.
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The Abyss
This movie could have been good fun. Unfortunately it was completely overshadowed by some of the worst special effects ever. Give it a fresh team and a better budget, and it could even be a summer blockbuster!
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Whit Stillman's classic mockery of an especially snooty subset of NYC culture would only work as a loose, spiritually accurate remake, rather than as a word-for-word reboot. The dialogue would have to be adjusted and certain references updated, and today, it would probably take place in Park Slope rather than on the Upper East Side. But, in terms of subject matter, we think it would fare pretty well with a modern audience. Elitism is, after all, eternal!
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Obviously, this is going to be ridiculous as a remake, just as it was in its original form. This was a B movie that somehow got catapulted to A-level status. We enjoyed the craziness of it all, but it might be cool to see with the resources of an actual A-list movie.
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Lost Horizon
The 1937 Frank Capra adaptation of the James Hilton novel is worth watching for fans of the book (which we also highly recommend), but unfortunately, most moviegoers today don't really get too excited about black and white. The apocalyptic dread and big questions about society framed in an approachable and near-universal way would both be of interest in a remake — and it just might bring something new to the endless crop of doomsday-ish movies.
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Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century
Okay, does anyone else feel that this would be amazing remade as an edgy, dark, dystopian future flick for grown ups?

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