Terrifying New Footage From Felix Baumgartner's 24-Mile Jump To Earth

felixinsidephoto: gopro.
New footage has been released of Felix Baumgartner's record-breaking space jump to Earth in October 2012. And, it is just as terrifying as you'd imagine.
The Austrian daredevil attached two cameras, made by GoPro, to his suit to document the 24.5-mile drop. And, now GoPro has shared this footage, which documents the entire fall from Baumgartner's point of view. The skydiver's labored breathing paired with the sight of our rapidly approaching little planet makes this a viewing experience that is both awe- and anxiety-inducing.
Baumgartner broke three world records with this feat: the highest manned balloon flight, the highest skydive, and the fastest jump. During his fall, he exceeded speeds of 800 mph and shattered the sound barrier, becoming the first human to travel faster than the speed of sound without the use of an aircraft.
Now, we have the opportunity to go along for this wild ride. So, buckle up, and maybe put the popcorn down.

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