What The Color Of Your Pee Really Means

Let's be honest, discussing the color of your pee can be a little awkward. But, it can offer some important clues about your body's inner health. Say, for example, how hydrated you are and whether your kidneys or liver might be in danger of failing.
And, while we might not be paying close attention most of the time, we can all remember times when our pee just didn't look, well, quite right. Maybe you were dehydrated from a few-too-many the night before? Or, you were coming down with a UTI? In any case, the color of your urine can be a good indicator for both issues.
Lucky for us, the Cleveland Clinic put together a helpful visual guide with a rainbow spectrum of pee colors. Check out the whole thing to see if you're at risk, doing just fine, or you need to grab a big ol' glass of water, stat.
peeCourtesy Of: Cleveland Clinic.

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