What Your iPad Grip Says About You

airembeddedPhoto: Courtesy of Apple.
Be it the loud guy on the train or the chatty Cathy at work, hearing a person talk on the phone is somewhat like a window into their soul. But, while tone and demeanor are more obvious ways to determine one's personality, there are other things we do that are a bit more incognito.
Mashable put together an entertaining slideshow of infographics based on how you grip another must-have piece of tech equipment: your iPad. Whether you're the inquisitive, overthinker or the thrill-seeking, not-worried-about-battery-life Speed Racer, you're bound to fit into one of the seven categories.
If you don't own a tablet yet, industry analysts and Apple executives are expecting an "iPad Christmas," so there's a good chance you'll be able to put your idle hands to good use soon enough. Who knows? You just may discover you're a true Picasso after all. (Mashable)

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