Colonics: More Dangerous Than You Might Think

Colonic_HorizIllustrated By Ly Ngo.
For such an uncomfortable (and sort of gross) procedure, colonics have a fierce following. Some swear by its supposed ability to remove “toxins” from the body, making you feel “lighter” and less bloated, while others claim a regular, um, cleansing helps with everything from digestive issues to fatigue to acne. Still, call us squeamish, but there’s something about hosing out our insides that we’re not super into.
Luckily for us, Dr. Richard Liebowitz tackled this question recently over on Everyday Health. He says that while there are a lot of theories on the possible benefits of colonics, almost none of them are backed by any scientific evidence. Even worse, the list of potential side effects is a long one — and includes infection, perforation of the rectum, and severe electrolyte imbalance. Click through to Everyday Health to learn more. (Everyday Health)

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