Are Gummy Vitamins For Grown-Ups Actually Worth It?

If we ever needed an incentive to regular take our vitamins, gummies might just be it. They're chewy, bright, tasty — everything that our staid adult vitamins aren't. In essence, they'll trick us into thinking they're candy, but in reality, they're delivering all the nutrients we need, right? (Right?)
Well...yes and no. In search of what's going on with gummies, the folks at Greatist explored whether these vitamins are just as good-for-you as their non-chompable counterparts. The tl;dr version: Gummy vitamins are probably helpful for those of us who don't regularly take vitamins, but that doesn't mean you should pop 'em like actual gummy bear candy. The culprit is the combination of sugars and that stick-to-your-teeth texture. Sugar isn't so great for your insides, and we all know that it's a one-way ticket to Cavity Town for our teeth. Over at Greatist, there's more surprisingly interesting information on which gummies aren't so bad, plus the scoop on fish oil gummies. We know you've been waiting for that. (Greatist)
Photo: Courtesy of Greatist.
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