A 5-Minute DIY You Can Actually Use? Sign Us Up!

Here at R29, we consider ourselves pretty craft-savvy, and we'll willingly tackle just about any DIY project. Add a "five minutes or less" provision, and we're already pulling out our glue guns and embroidery floss. So, we couldn't resist sharing this super-simple DIY from Fabric Paper Glue — it's perfect for all the stylish DSLR shutterbugs who want a little more flair with their F stops. Crafter-extraordinaire Mandy Pellegrin has whipped up a handy tutorial on how to make a leather camera strap in your color of choice, and it's so easy. The hardest part? Having to settle on a favorite hue for your trusty Nikon or Canon. The process is simple, and the payoff of a cool custom accessory is well worth the few minutes of work. Click on over to Fabric Paper Glue for the full instructions — time to get strap-happy!
Photo: Courtesy of Fabric Paper Glue

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