Want To Love Your Job? Get Inspired By The Most Powerful Women In D.C.

Feeling uninspired about your 9-to-5 today? Whether you're in a serious career rut or just battling a case of spring fever, it's hard to power through 40+ hours a week when you're not loving the day-to-day — which is why this video extra from Elle's annual Women in Washington feature is so crucial. Feeling like you don't fit in? Let NBC News anchor Andrea Mitchell's tale of working the night shift in a male-dominated newsroom lift your spirits. Need a reality check? Dr. Jill Biden's humble view of her role as second lady will bring you to terms. We can't decide which is more inspiring: the awesome feats these women have accomplished in their careers, or the incredible self-assurance, dignity, and wisdom they've gained in the process.(Elle)

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