Fashion Editors Vs. Street-Style Bloggers: Which Side Are You On?

We’d like to go on record as stating that we are huge followers of street style. It inspires us each and every day. And yet, it surprises even fans like us to see how many street-style photographers and bloggers are milling around the tents these days at Fashion Week. There were times at these recent shows when there appeared to be more photographers in attendance than candidates for street-style snaps.
It is this subject which Garage magazine focuses on in their illuminating video, "Take My Picture". The film is an examination of the changing nature of fashion coverage, the rise of the fashion blogger, and the street-style scene as a whole. Tim Blanks raises the point that in the late '80s, only three TV crews would film backstage. In the '90s, the supermodels made the runways sexier and more glamorous than Hollywood, and now, the Internet has democratized the whole process so that anyone can comment on or become involved in this fashion world.
None of this is a bad thing, but what appears to be the fly in the ointment is “peacocking.” Bloggers hanging around the tents waiting to have their pictures taken. While we do appreciate that there are more street-style blogs thriving today than ever before, we still believe that it is an important tool for developing one’s own personal style. But you tell us: Has street style jumped the shark?
Video: Via Garage magazine's Vimeo

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