Baby Announcements: As Mark Zuckerberg Ageth, So Doth Facebook

When it comes to Facbeook, we hate change. From being forced into timeline to engagement announcements, we're just waiting for the final straw that forces FB to join MySpace in the social media graveyard (although it doesn't look like it's happening any time soon). Maybe we can get used to timeline, but the latest addition to Facebook promises to be pretty annoying: baby announcements.
It's no secret that people love posting pics of their chubby newborns. While we're glad they're happy and healthy, we don't necessarily want to see our high school acquaintance's cousin's mom's sister-in-law's late-in-life baby every time we scroll through. Those posts are bound to get even more pronounced now that you can officially announce the arrival of your little bundle of joy (if you really hate this idea, then you do have one way out).
But more importantly: Has anyone else noticed that Facebook is aging along with its founder Mark Zuckerberg? The engagement announcement capability came just around the time he himself got married, so does this mean there's a little Zuck on the way?
Image via Facebook.

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