I DIY: How To Make 3 Pairs Of Denim Cut-Off Shorts

Our most lived-in summer piece was actually our most lived-in winter item... When hole-y, worn-through jeans reach the ends of their lives, we like to get all DIY, and turn them into a pair of jean cutoffs. This ubiquitous summer short may look effortless, but anyone who's taken a pair of scissors to a pant knows that one mis-snip can lead to a pair of denim diapers. We turned to DIY goddess Daniela Jacobs who created three styles of cut-offs from three old pair of denim she had. Tune in to find out how to extend the lifespan of your favorite jeans. Now grab those shears!
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You'll need:
—Old pants that fit you well.
—Optional: Fabric glue or a needle and thread
—An iron
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1. Lay jeans flat and turn inside-out. Determine how short you want them to be, and cut evenly across with scissors, making sure not to cut off the pockets. It's always better to err on the side of longer (especially if you're planning on cuffing them!), and keep trimming them down until they're the exact link you need! Cutting them in a very slight V also makes for a more flattering fit.
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2. Using the pant leg that you just cut off as an ironing cloth, set the shorts on top (right side out). Fold a cuff at the bottom of each leg of the shorts, and press flat with your iron. Don't skimp on the steam!
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3. Make sure to press the cuffs in place from the inside as well as from the outside.
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Ta-da! Here's the classic cuffed cut-off.
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1. For a pair of pants made from an elastic-blend fabric, make sure when you are cutting them, that they are pulled flat. You don't want to cut them when they are bunched up, or your result may be uneven.
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2. Cut one side, then the other. Make sure they are even with each other.
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3. With a needle and thread or fabric glue, fold raw edge under once. Then, iron it down to secure in place.
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4. If you used fabric glue, set shorts aside to dry somewhere ventilated. Then, iron the edges again.
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For a raw edge, throw the shorts in the wash for a cycle. I like the look of a crisp, clean hemline, though!
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1. For pants that are made of thick fabric, the same process applies, but be sure to cut with forceful, even scissor strokes for the best possible outcome.
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2. With needle and thread or fabric glue, fold the bottoms into cuffs. Then, iron flat using steam.
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3. Sew a few stitches at the side seam of each cuff to secure in place.
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And...voilà! Three pairs of cut-offs to live in all summer long.

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