How To Party Like A College Grad — In Style

You’ve finally made it through the 10-page papers, the three-hour lectures, and countless meetings with your advisor. Yes, you’re about to graduate from college. And, while it may take awhile for that to sink in, you certainly deserve a lot of praise and some time to let loose with family and friends.
Since the whole gang is prepared to help you celebrate your admirable accomplishment, you’re going to want to make equally as admirable sartorial choices for all of the festivities. Whether you’re in for a night of Champagne with the girls, you’re going out dancing, or you have dinner reservations with relatives, all of the wares we’ve rounded up are on point for a week of partying.
From a casual getup to sport beneath your cap and gown to outfits that steal the limelight, the looks ahead will make you feel completely sophisticated. Plus, you’ll be able to throw these pieces on again and again — especially when you want to make a statement. And, hey, splurging on a little fashion in the name of a major life event is a good excuse if we've ever heard one.
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Beneath Your Cap & Gown
That all-white requirement died when you graduated from high school. But, chances are your hat and robe complement your college colors, in which case, you should by all means go for something a little different underneath. Wherever you are, it will likely be warm in mid-May, so go for a light, simple dress you'll be able to wear all season long. Pair it with comfortable shoes that still have some height — whether you'll be standing for a few hours or climbing on stage to accept your diploma, you’ll want to avoid breaking a sweat. And, by all means, stay casual. You'll have plenty of time for ruffles and frills during the rest of your celebrations.
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Dinner With The Family
A chic, fashion-forward suit will help you appear polished for dinner with the relatives. (Not to mention, it’s become a fail-safe closet staple. You can wear the blazer and tailored shorts on an interview or to your future job.) Invest in a jacquard style and play up the shine with a metallic clutch — preferably one that’s big enough to fit a few cards. Sleek sneaks and a couple of simple rings make for the perfect accessories.
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Night Out Dancing
If you’re headed to a club or a trendy bar, we recommend you steal the spotlight with a few wow-worthy items. Graduating from college is a pretty big deal, after all. If you plan to dance, choose a light, movable mini and a pair of sick, eye-catching heels. Keep the accessories simple with a cool double ring set and dark lip.
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Date Night
Whether your S.O. is taking you out for a romantic dinner and drinks, or your best friend is treating you to a meal at one of your favorite spots, there’s reason enough to get dressed up. A pair of monochrome printed trousers and a white top in a striking silhouette will make you the center of attention. Add a bold clutch and a chunky bauble to spice things up (pun very much intended).
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Small Gathering With Close Friends
Whether you’re nibbling on appetizers and reminiscing about the past four years or walking around the corner to one of your favorite bars, you should feel comfortable and carefree. Slip into a loose jumpsuit and chunky open-toe heels, and grab a clutch that makes a statement all on its own. This look is totally effortless, which is exactly how you made it through college, right? (We kid, we kid.)

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