How To Shop At Topshop

Today's the day. And for all of you reading this on your smartphones as you eagerly wait in line for those brand-new British doors to open, I salute you. I'm going to write this directly to you, those Topshop/Topman fans who may or may not have booked a trip to London to just to take a turn inside this shopping amusement park. I did, and I feel you. Before you rush the gates, read this. I know what you're in for, I've been there, and I have some advice. Take a breath, and take it in, and take pictures.
1. Calm down—First of all, you can't shop when you're feeling crazed, you need to be calm and focused for the sake of your sanity and bank account. And second of all, Topshop/Topman is still just a store. Seriously.
2. Sizing—This one is very important. I don't want you to get to the dressing room with a pile of size 4 clothing and start crying thinking you were too indulgent this summer. You weren't. It's not you, it's them. You need to go up one or possibly even two sizes in Topshop clothing. I know.
3. Shoe sizing—Again, those cheeky Brits. There are no half sizes at Topshop/Topman, so this could get interesting. Go one full size up in shoes, and if you feel a little too much wiggle room, remember to buy some comfy inserts on the way home.
4. Bring a friendYou're going to be excited and overwhelmed in Topshop. You just are. Bring someone with you that has historically been your voice of reason. You're going to need them. Some of the stuff in your loaded arms doesn't need to come home with you, and some of it totally does. Let him/her help you decide.
And that's it! I leave you in the good graces of the latest shopping giant to arrive in the Windy City. Here's hoping there are many, many more to come.
Photo by Shani Silver.

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