In Which We Ask: What's With All The Fairy Tales?

Is it just us, or do fairy tales seem to be taking over the city the world? Currently, the DMV is playing host to five fairy tale productions — Sleeping Beauty, Red Riding Hood, Pinocchio, and two different versions of Rapunzel — not to mention the Snow White overload at the box office and ABC's uber-popular drama, Once Upon a Time. Naturally, we're beginning to wonder if the whole world is going the way of the storybooks.
The Washington Post did some digging into the mystery, and it might just be all about the Benjamins. To producers and directors, who are facing consistently declining ticket sales, showing a title that the audience knows and loves is as close to a financial sure thing as they can get.
As for those of us buying tickets and tuning in, social experts say it's a reflection of society's current ho-hum situation — we're all just looking to get away, even if its only for a moment. And there's something to be said for the way fairy tale heroines can persevere. Think Red Riding Hood versus the Wolf, Snow White battling the crotchety Evil Queen — if they can survive, surely we can, too. Now, we ask you: Are you feeling this fairy tale movement, or do you prefer your entertainment sans the filter of the Brothers Grimm? (Washington Post)
Photo: Via The Washington Post

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