The White House's List Of Celeb Visitors Is Textual Eye-Candy

Want to know which A-listers have the political pull to get into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? The Washington Post just released a new database of White House visitors, and the Reliable Source columnists spent a day stargazing through it.
Their findings? Oprah's been to the White House five times; Beyoncé has two visits under her belt; Brad and Angie got an audience with the prez, along with George Clooney; and Demi Moore snagged face time with Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett. In terms of celeb gossip, this is about as highbrow as you can get, so feel free to spend a few minutes searching the database for your own Hollywood crushes. We think this technically even qualifies as "research." (The Reliable Source)
Photo: Via The Reliable Source

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