We Wish Someone Would Make A Cuter Version Of This Brilliant Idea

Okay, we're admittedly a little mad that we didn't come up with this one ourselves. How often have you fought against your winter accessories just for the sake of listening to some tunes on the El? What else are you going to listen to? That incessant "doors closing," or perhaps the melodic tones of a whining child? But it's not like you can skip the hat, scarf, or headband that's protecting you from the gale-force winds of a Chi-Town winter. Some absolute genius solved the problem with these earmuff-headphones, and we're sporting some major jealousy. Our only issue? We don't think we'd wear them. The color scheme, the pink heart charm...meh. Love the idea, but we'll wait on a cuter version. Would you rock these in the name of music and hypothermia?
Juicy Couture Fairisle Ear Muff Headphones, $69.99 (originally $98), available at Juicy Couture.

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