Easy Ways To Give Your Hair Much-Needed TLC This Season

Photographed by Lauren Perlstein.
By now, most of us have gotten the memo about the importance of taking care of ourselves from head to toe. We work out, eat healthy (or try to), follow a skin-care regimen based on skin type, and we try never to leave the house without sunscreen. But, if we're doing all of these things and forgetting that our hair also needs proper care to maintain its full and vibrant shine and bounce, it's time to make some adjustments.
This hair TLC comes in the form of serums, deep conditioners, and a general healthy lifestyle. Although my expert eye can easily tell when a woman has been lazy with her locks, it's usually not super obvious until serious damage has been done. Thus, I recommend being diligent about your weekly hair routine to prevent damaged hair from needing repair. When it comes to your strands, a little time and attention every week goes a long way.
Whether it’s taking a beating from your daily blowdry/flatiron or just enduring the harsh winter & humid summer weather, your hair needs products plus pampering to counter the affects of weather and everyday wear and tear. Follow the four key rules below for non-stop strong and shiny locks.

Deep Condition

A deep conditioning mask is essential to prevent dryness and maintain shiny and lustrous locks. I am a strong believer in the "skinification" of hair. Use a mask for your hair just as regularly as you would use a mask for your face. Set aside time once a week to apply a hair mask, and your strands will reap the benefits.
For hair that is naturally on the drier side, opt for a daily moisturizing and fortifying conditioner along with a weekly mask to encourage strand strength. My favorite product is Kerastase Masque Intense.

Matching the right product for your hair texture.

Since every woman’s hair color and texture is different, each needs a product routine that is tailored specifically to her. It’s about assembling the perfect pairing of products for your texture and tone. The most important products to have in your bathroom when styling color treated, curly, or any other textured hair are thermal protectant and oil.

Thermal Protectant
Everyone needs to protect their hair before putting heat on it, whether with thermal tools, blowdryers, curling irons or flatirons. A great one to try is Oribe Foundation Mist. It is incredibly light weight with a sweet rosemary scent.


This can skew from lightweight to something heavier, depending on your hair texture and what it can handle. For over-processed hair that is in need of a trim, use a heavier oil. For finer hair that isn’t highlighted and lacks body, opt for a much lighter oil. Elixir Ultime Line from Kerastase has three oils from lightest to heaviest and all are wonderful depending on your hair texture.

Ladies with color-treated hair should be very cautious when choosing products. Wash with color-safe shampoo and conditioner, and look for options with keratin as one of the key ingredients, as it makes chemically treated hair stronger and more vibrant.
Photographed by Lauren Perlstein.

Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

Hydrate frequently, exercise often, eat well, and get good sleep, and your hair will look and feel just as healthy and fabulous as you. Living a healthy lifestyle will have a direct impact on the health of your hair. Along with general healthy living, there are vitamins and minerals you can add to your diet that will really work wonders to encourage hair growth!
Biotin and fish oils are the best choices for strengthening supplements. Some other great vitamin options are iron, which carries oxygen to the hair, promoting growth. Also, vitamin D and zinc work to promote hair growth. B-complex vitamins, such as biotin and niacin restore shine and thickness to strands. Studies show that, just like every other part of your body, the cells that support strong, vibrant hair depend on a balanced diet. Eating a balanced, protein-rich diet will do wonders to your hair strength and shine.

Trim Often
Try not to go too long in between trims! Hair starts to split around 3 months so consider trimming it every 3-4 months or 12-16 weeks — 6-8 weeks if your hair is color-treated or relaxed. Hair grows about 1/4 to 1/2 inch a month, so if you trim regularly, your strands will grow faster and stay stronger. Make sure to take proper care of your ends in between cuts by sealing them with lightweight oils or creams frequently. This will be especially helpful in the winter months where hair becomes dry and damaged quickly.

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