This Is the Best Thing To Happen To Your Weekend

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Once in awhile, something really, really nice comes along and completely spoils us. Today, that something is Uber. Uber is a Chicago-based company that will take you anywhere you want to go, whenever you want to go there (it's also available in NYC, Toronto, L.A., and San Fran). All you have to do is sign up online, then download the unbelievably awesome app that finds you, finds your driver, and tells you exactly how many minutes you've got to throw on your accessories, a coat, and march out the door. Sure, you could take a taxi. You could walk to a major street, wait ten minutes for one to drive by, wait another ten minutes for one to drive by with its light on, and then argue with the driver over whether or not they'll take a credit card. Uber keeps your credit card info (securely) on file, and there is never a financial exchange with the driver–not even a tip. Plus, it's seriously not appreciably more than a cab (and in NYC it's sometimes even cheaper). Call us spoiled, but this is the only way to travel, particularly on those nights we're wearing something that's too nice to risk street-splash from passing cars as we feverishly try to find a cab. Sign up with Uber immediately and make your next trip from A to B much, much sweeter. Like uber sweet.
Photo: Via Uber

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