6 Cute Alternatives To Long Underwear

It's the endless plight of the Chicago girl: looking cute and staying warm in during a legit winter. We know you lose sleep over this, and we've got your back. If it's so cold outside that you need an extra layer (or five), why fight to keep that layer hidden when it can look so good right there out in the open? Check out these ten stylish ways to ditch your long underwear forever (or simply just relegate it to the pajama drawer). Check out all the ways you can re-outfit your closet with the help of these toasty miracle-workers.
1. Ditch your basic black leggings, (they've probably got holes in them by now anyway). Try a fun, geometric print paired with your best moto-boot and boyfriendy sweater.
Martin Lamothe Leggings, $59 (originally $180), available at Pixie Market.
2. Chicago, trust us. There is more to life than basic black! These toasty JCrew bottoms will keep you warm, and they're neutral enough to let the rest of your outfit play with color.
Skinny Ultra Lounge Pant, $59.50, available at JCrew.
3. You know you have to layer, so why not start out sexy? This slim, curve-loving option will keep the rest of your outfit from bulking up.
Slash Back Unitard, $44.83, available at ASOS.
4. Try something unexpected (and totally warm). Layer a leather legging under an oversized cardigan or button down.
Hemut Lang Jersey & Leather Combo Leggings, $690, available at Shopbop.
5. We know this one pushes the long-underwear envelope, but how often do basic warming layers come in cool colors? Instead of fighting to cover every inch of embarrassing fabric, you'll be happy to let this one peek out under your layers.
Unisex Rib Henley One Piece, $38, available at American Apparel.
6. A fun print is the perfect way to zap yourself out of mid-winter boredom. The high waist and stirrups will make your entire collection of leggings jealous.
Stegging Leggings, $16.25 (originally $36.50), available at Roxy.

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