Top 5 Ways To Beat The Blizzard

According to all sources, doom is descending. This is Chicago. We're no strangers to "real weather" and can ride out a blizzard with the best of 'em. If your survival plans need some sprucing up, take a look below. Happy hunkering.
1. Cadbury Drinking Chocolate. We ain't talking about some out-of-a-packet stuff. This is real-deal, indulgent, blizzard-beating hot chocolate. If ever there was a time to splurge, its now. Want proof? Take a peek out your window. Available at Amazon.
2. Texas Hold 'Em. Grab a pal, a lover, etc. and make sure there a 52 cards in your grimy old deck. We strongly suggest avoiding the "strip" version of this old favorite, for fear of hypothermia.
3. 90's movies. Avoid cabin fever with an old favorite or two and appreciate how good soundtracks used to be. This editor is partial to Clueless, Empire Records, Stealing Beauty, Four Weddings and a Funeral....the list goes on.
4. You forgot (or procrastinated) your weekly grocery trip. At this point the snow is so heavy you'd get lost on the way to Jewel anyway. Resist the urge to prepare your emergency box of mac-n-cheese and opt for something better. Browse by cuisine, neighborhood, even coupons. Don't be stingy on tipping, your delivery person is doing the work of angels.
5. Water proof boots. If you must subject yourself to this foulness, at least take the proper precautions. Break out the wool socks typically reserved for ski trips and slip inside a pair of incredibly cute and affordable Olivia boots by Kamik. $50, available at Zappos.

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