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This Easy NYE Cocktail Is Way Classier Than A Bottle Of Andre

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With New Year's Eve on the horizon, we've been thinking. There must be something to pour on NYE with a little more panache than a table full of champagne bottles and gold foil rappers. So, we enlisted the help of our friends at Spiaggia, and the restaurant's new Wine Director and Sommelier Jason Carlen. Jason shared with us a champagne cocktail perfect for the poshest parties, a.k.a. yours. And if you happen to sample a few pracitice pours before the guests arrive, we'll just keep that between us.

Amaro Frizzante, by Spiaggia’s Wine Director & Sommelier Jason Carlen
5 ounces Prosecco
1 Sugar Cube
½ ounce Montenegro Amaro
¼ ounce Dimmi Liqueur
1 orange twist

Cover one sugar cube in Montenegro Amaro. Muddle sugar cube at the bottom of a white wine glass. Add ¼ ounce of Dimmi Liqueur to glass and fill with cold prosecco. Stir gently until sugar is fully dissolved. Garnish with an orange twist.

Photo: Courtesy of Spiaggia

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