The New Foodie Site That Teaches Chicago How To Share

Think back to middle school for a second (we know it’s painful, but humor us). Remember the time you longed to sit with the cool kids? If you’re still hung-up on your middle school dreams (or just like really good food at the hottest new restaurants), Duck Duck Dish wants to make it all come true. Similar to other coupon sites like GrubWithUs, Duck Duck Dish is all about bringing your friends to the coolest table in town and letting the restaurant do the rest. With the site’s base-price that you can split between your friends, this resto will bring you a sampling of the best they have to offer. And if you want to pay more, go right ahead. Duck Duck Dish promises the restaurant will have some surprises up its sleeves. Sign up, pay online, sit down and enjoy. Don’t you just love low-maintenance?

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