Our 5 Favorite Tapas At Tavernita

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Awaiting restaurant openings in Chicago can be much like the anticipation a child feels on Christmas Eve. The excitement, the mystery...all feelings that are very comparable to how we felt waiting for Tavernita to open its doors in River North. And when the restaurant gurus of Mercadito Hospitality finally served their first guests a few weeks ago, they did not disappoint. Between the authentic, Spanish tapas dishes and the innovative cocktails, you almost don't have time to take a breath and notice the chic, trendy decor that fills the constantly bustling room. Though we loved absolutely everything (really, everything), we managed to narrow down our favorites to just five tapas dishes. What are your faves?
Tradition at its finest. Scrumptious bites of a fried Iberico ham mixture, served with mouth-watering saffron aioli.
Coca de Setas
A perfect vegetarian option. Crispy flatbread topped with caramelized onions, mushrooms, goat cheese, and arugula.
Possibly the most classic, Spanish dish we found on the menu. Golden brown potatoes, fried egg, and chorizo in a savory sauce.
Greg's Meatballs
Like most things here, these had a wonderful, Latin kick to them. A combination of beef and pork in a Romesco sauce.
Corn Pudding
When the restaurant first opened, this was the dish to try. And for good reason. Sweet, baked cornbread topped with juicy shrimp.
Tavernita, 151 West Erie Street (between LaSalle and Wells Streets), 312-274-1111.
Photographed by Lauren Shapiro

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