This Star Sign Might Have Better Odds Of Being A Billionaire

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Count your lucky stars, Libras. The UK Domain — a digital resource for businesses — used the most recent Forbes list of Billionaires to determine which star sign is mostly likely to be rich. They based their less-than-scientific star findings on the top 250 people on the list and the birthdays that were available to the public.
They found there were more Libras — people whose birthdays fall between September 23 and October 22 — on the list than any other star sign, with a total of 27 billionaires. One of these wealthy Libras is Alice Walton. She’s the 17th richest billionaire, and the daughter of Walmart founder Sam Walton. She’s joined by another heiress, Beate Heister, who’s the 23rd richest person and the daughter of a Karl Albrecht who founded the discount supermarket Aldi. Dissimilarly, fashion designer Ralph Lauren is an affluent Libra billionaire who is self-made.
While some of us might be annoyed by this, Astrologist, tarot reader, and founder of The Tarot Lady Theresa Reed says she’s not surprised Libras topped the list. “They’re ruled by Venus, and are known for attracting the good things in life,” Reed said. "They’re the sign of balance, and they’re going to think very carefully before making a decision about money. They’re not frivolous or impulsive. They’re thoughtful about purchasing.”
Part of Reed's reasoning has to do with the fact that the Zodiac sign Scorpio rules the second house in Libras' birth chart. This house has to do with finances. Reed explains this makes Libras passionate about managing money. The eighth house, which has to do with transformation and informs universal experiences such as birth and death, is ruled by Taurus. This means Libras might have a better chance of receiving an inheritance, Reed notes. We’re looking at you, Walton.
It all sounds like good news for Libras, right? But take in this information with a grain of that fancy pink Himalayan salt. Raj Chadha — a PhD, a stock astrologer, and retired professor and researcher from The Scripps Research Institute at the University of California San Diego — says that based on the database he's cultivated of affluent people and their astrology information, he can’t confirm that more Libras are billionaires. Here's why.
“You cannot base any theory on just one sign and one planet,” Dr. Chadha said. “You should consider all planets and their relative strength and positions in the chart. One sign means Libra and one planet means sun." So, when anybody says they are a Libra, or Leo, all they're saying is that they were born when the sun was in Libra or Leo. "There are other planets and signs that influence the destiny of the person," Dr. Chadha says.
The analysis also notes that Sagittarius and Capricorn are the two signs with the fewest billionaires — with only eight people in the top 250 of Forbes' list for each sign. That said there are still eight billionaires, which you have to admit is still mind-boggling. Reed said she was surprised to hear Capricorn was at the bottom of the list — she describes their sign as “hard-working and conservative with money.” To that point, Jeff Bezos, the richest person in the whole world and founder of Amazon, is a Capricorn.
It's also worth noting that this star sign-billionaire correlation tends to fluctuate. An AdView analysis found that Leos were the wealthiest star sign just last year, Harper’s Bazaar reported. Still, this analysis is fun, and if you’re lucky enough to be a Libra, congrats. Whether you’re buying this astrological analysis or not, one famous rich man was quoted acknowledging the role astrology plays in finance. As Forbes reported, J.P. Morgan once said: “Millionaires don't use astrology, billionaires do.”

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