Drumroll, Please: The Top-10 Most Listened-To Songs By YOU, Chicago!

We love a good playlist here at R29, so hopefully, you've taken advantage of the oodles of jams we curate for you on a regular basis. But, even if you're not perusing our songs on the daily, we do know what you're listening to. How? Good, ol' Spotify, of course.
Today, our favorite digital music service is sharing the top-10 most popular songs streamed in 10 top U.S. cities — and, of course, Chi-town made the cut. Interesting to note: None of the songs are from female artists — but we're pretty sure there were plenty of lady listeners who were responsible for Justin Timberlake scoring three out of the 10 tracks! If you're curious as to who else made the cut, we've got the list for you, right here, for your listening pleasure — or pain, should you not agree with your fellow locals.

Photos: Courtesy of Amazon

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