Low Calorie Cocktail Recipes That Are Seriously Sinless

Sinless 7641 Sangrita Main
There are just two little things we don't adore about cocktails: the 6,593 or more calories in some of our drinks and the amount of work it takes to make our own sips. Cutting fruit, shaking, grounding—ugh the labor of it can be a little too much for us. That's why we were amped when we spotted Sinless Cocktails around Miami. These new low calorie, all natural mixers leave all the guilt and work out of drinking. We heart their simple recipes so much we decided to share two of our favorites with you. Now, if they could only help with our hangovers.

Sinless Sangrita
1 Part Sinless Sour Mix
1 Part Red Sangria
Pour over ice

Sinless Piña Colada
1 Part Sinless Sour Mix
1 Part Coconut Juice
1 Part Coconut Vodka
Shake with plenty of ice to chill

Photo: Courtesy of Sinless


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