Simon Doonan’s Rx For The President’s Wardrobe: More Skinny Suits!

Barney's creative ambassador-at-large (and hilarious author) Simon Doonan talked to Slate last week about political style, dissecting just why our country's leaders dress so, well, dumpy. His theory? Pols who pay too much attention to their personal style end up seeming vain and out of touch with their constituency — unless, of course, they happen to be dictators, in which case there's no harm in jazzing up the ol' wardrobe.
On the prez's style, Doonan says, "It would be so easy to put him in a great khaki cotton suit with flat front pants and aviators and he would look amazing...but he would lose all credibility as a politician." Hear what else Doonan has to say about Obama, Romney, et al, in the video below, and offer up your style suggestions in the comments! (Slate)

Photos: Courtesy of the White House/Pete Souza and J.Crew


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