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Limu Ethiopia Natural Processed, Light Roast Steeped

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BLK & Bold’s single serve Steeped Coffee packs will make sure your coffee experience complements your busy lifestyle compromise-free. Freshly ground, then nitro-filled to maintain maximum freshness and flavor profile, you can enjoy the fresh micro-roasted specialty coffee experience that you deserve. Some enjoy its convenience when time-strapped, when traveling, while enjoying the outdoors, or to reduce waste (compostable packaging).3 Simple Steps• Submerge: Place filter in cup and gradually pour over 8oz hot water per Steeped Bag.• Saturate: Dunk the bag for 15 seconds or longer for added strength.• Steep: Leave Steeped Bag in cup for 5 minutes or until preferred taste. Enjoy! Representing the "birthplace of coffee", this single origin hailing from Limu, Ethiopia is a natural processed bean with low acidity. Natural processed coffee is allowed to completely dry around the seed before it is hulled or husked, therefore reducing disruption and maximizing flavor. This back-to-the-basics process is regaining more notoriety in the specialty coffee world and we are bullish on ensuring more people experience this tried-and-true approach to production. As a light roast, expect an inviting combination of honey, chocolate, and blueberry notes.