Shop For Groceries At Your Local El Train Stop. Kinda.

Okay, so, this idea is brilliant. Rather than schelpping around a grocery store, Peapod's new initiative lets you simply scan barcodes beneath photos of grocery items that have been plastered on the wall at an El train stop. What has us thinking though, is the actual logistics of virtual shopping at the El. First of all, Peapod placed these photo/barcode thingies in the busiest part of the train station. While you're standing there trying to capture a barcode for laundry detergent, the 15 people hustling out of the station shove you so hard you end up ordering almonds instead, and you have a nut allergy. (We're sure you can go back and amend the order, but you get the idea).
Beyond that, the intent here, we suppose, was to give Chicagoans the convenience of tackling their grocery shopping while waiting for the train. But again, the location of this set up is so far from the actual train that you have no idea if it's coming, sitting in the station, or leaving you behind altogether. We're stoked on the idea, just not the execution. Do you disagree? Have you shopped this one-dimensional grocery store? Tell us about it in our comments section. (The Verge)
virtual grocery store
Photo: Via The Verge

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