5 Things To Know This AM — Jan 18 2012

Naturally, there's a new "Shit Baristas Say" video. And it was shot at Valencia Street's own Four Barrel, no less! (HuffPo SF)
Local Trent Arsenault explained to Anderson Cooper that he's a "donorsexual" and pours all of his sexual energy into donating sperm. Also, he's a 36-year-old virgin. (SFist)
Foreign Cinema made Travel + Leisure's list of the 10 best brunches in America. (Travel + Leisure)
Didn't make it to the Fancy Food Show? Not a problem. Eater SF has the top 30 "wow" (and WTF?!) moments covered. (Eater SF)
Although it doesn't support the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act, Twitter will not be joining other sites such as Wikipedia and Reddit in today's online blackout. (The Daily Beast)
Shit Baristas Say
Photo: Via YouTube

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