Watch: 5 Top Chefs Pronounce Their Tricky-To-Say Restaurant Names

We've all had that moment where we're about to utter the name of one of the city's hottest restaurant…then come to realize we don't know exactly how on earth to say it. Coi, Txoko, Jardiniere…it seems that the names of these places keep getting trickier and trickier. However, we don't know about you, but we're not into sounding like a dunce, especially when it comes to our beloved local food scene. So, we've taken to the streets with our handy dandy R29 cam to talk to some of S.F.'s top chefs and restaurateurs and have them set the record straight on just how we're supposed to pronounce some of these ditties. Watch, learn, and let us know what other burning questions you've got, because a Part II is most definitely a-brewin'.

Video: By Melody Morgan

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