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Sartorial Emergency? Call Up Seize Sur Vingt’s Courier Service

You know how it goes — a call after lunch leads to sudden weekend plans, a friend texts you about a must-attend formal event that evening, a potential investor is about to make a surprise trip to the office, you spill Chipotle right down the front of your shirt. These are the moments where an express messenger service for smart, stylish menswear would come in awfully handy.
Good news, gents — with Seize sur Vingt’s Emergency Courier Service, you can get that zero-hour sartorial rescue, like, asap. Just hit the natty retailer's website, order at least $150 worth of shirts, shoes, slacks, or whatever you need, and select "EMERGENCY COURIER" at checkout. If you place your order before 4 p.m., Seize will send over a messenger/angel to your location within three hours or less. If three hours doesn't cut it, just call them at 212-625-1620 to place your order. Oh, and ladies, this could be a lifesaver for you to when — say — you suddenly remember that you haven’t bought a gift for the man in your life only a few scant hours before his birthday dinner.
Video: Courtesy Seize sur Vingt.

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