The Ultimate Accessory For Any (Smart!) Chicago Jogger

We're always trying to go for runs, but "stuff" seems to get in the way—our iPod dies, our keys are bouncing around in our pocket, and we're just so out of breath. Now, a couple of local gals have created a product to solve that pesky key problem, and make those early morning runs so much smoother (unfortunately, being constantly exhausted is our own problem). Enter Gokey, a super handy bracelet that holds your house key and buckles in place securely. We'll be honest, it isn't the cutest accessory, but, hey, you're not going on runs to pick up dates, right? We think this is a definite must-have for anyone training for the Chicago Marathon. Gokey's creators are looking to expand the business into a whole line of bracelets, and they've taken to Kickstarter for funding. We love the idea of supporting a local business, especially if it can help us get in shape for swimsuit season—now to find an invention that actually does the running for us. (Huffington Post)
Video: Via Kickstarter

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