We Wish Someone Would Surprise Us Just Like This

On a normal basis — that is, when it’s not the holidays and we’re not celebrating someone else’s life event — our shopping habits are pretty narcissistic. Sure, we love spending an afternoon power-purchasing with our closest crew, but rarely, if ever, do we think to pick them up a little something just because. Kind of crazy, being that we can’t think of humans not related to us who deserve to feel special more.

Above, watch how one soon-to-be bride puts a smile on her BFFs’ faces after happening upon a few surprisingly spot-on finds for each one at Marshalls. Feeling inspired? Take notes on the thoughtful buys our bride-to-be picks up for her meditation-practicing gal pal, fitness-freak best, and globe-trotting OG friend. Then set a due date for your own good deed.

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