5 Quick Ways To Get Party-Ready Hair — From Your Office Chair

Photographed by Lauren Perlstein.
On holiday-party overload this week? Even if you've got barely enough time to throw on something sparkly — let alone squeeze in a hairstyling session — I'm giving you five tricks to freshen and revive strands in a hurry.
Whether you're hoping for a spontaneous mistletoe moment or just need to look alive after a day at the office, these quick fixes will take your hair from flat to fabulous in less than 10 minutes. Keep these tips in your back pocket (and some products in your desk drawer) for a speedy party-ready styling session.

Half Crown Braid Worked Into A Messy Chignon
This style is the epitome of messy-chic and looks 100 times more intricate than it actually is to create. A perfect hairstyle for locks that have gone a couple of days without a shampoo, the end result hides any hint of dirty strands. Since this style is all about texture, it's often chosen by blondes or those with hair with different dimensions, as the twists and wraps stand out within the beautiful mess.

All you need to create this whimsical look is a selection of bobby and hair pins. The latter are slightly more open and used for placement, while the former give more support to the style. Just make sure to opt for pins that match your hair color. Start with an on-the-scalp braid, adding pieces of hair as you go. Once you get behind the ear, stop and secure with a bobby pin, and don't follow the braid through. Take the leftover hair, twisting and turning it into a messy chignon. Don't worry about perfection; the style is supposed to look and feel unkempt.

Off-The-Shoulder Style
Instantly give your daytime hairstyle a chic and playful update by pinning it to the side with a little added texture and tousle. Start by placing hair to one side, exposing the shoulder. Take strands close to the neckline, behind the ear, and wrap under, securing tightly with a bobby pin so hair stays to one side. This is a perfect look to complement a festive holiday top, especially a one-shoulder or strapless number.

Photographed by Lauren Perlstein.

Sleek And Straight Or Smooth Waves
You don't need to start from scratch to create sleek and smooth strands. Carry a small straightening iron in your purse to de-frizz and refresh tired locks. My go-to is the Babyliss Titanium Mini, which works whether you're going for stick-straight or a soft curl at the ends. To create soft, sleek waves, take sections and slowly wind hair like a ribbon and hold around the iron for a minute.

The ribbon technique creates a more relaxed curl by smoothing the hair with heat and movement. When taking sections, remember: The larger the section, the softer the curl. The smaller the section, the more defined the curl. Just place the iron horizontally on a one-inch section of hair, rotate 90 degrees, and pull straight down. Finish with Kerastase Laque Dentelle.
Pay attention to your part. If your face is more symmetrical, a center part tends to be the best complement. If you're angling for Old Hollywood glam, which is a popular holiday beauty look, try a severe side-part for extra drama.
Photographed by Lauren Perlstein.

Refresh A Day-Old Blowout
A little fluff and finesse can go a long way to revamp a day-old blowout. This is the quickest and easiest refresh when you have T-minus five minutes before heading from your desk to drinks. Flip your head over and massage your scalp for instantaneous body and texture. Flip hair back and place ends where you want to see them. See? Volume and chic movement with a little hair flip.

Hair Accessory
A sparkly headband or hair pin will give your 'do a festive finish in the blink of an eye. Place the piece so it's seamlessly incorporated into your hairstyle, whether straight or wavy. Tuck strands around and pull wisps out in places to make the accessory appear delicately integrated into your look.

For advice on getting makeup-ready before you head to the party, check out our three tips here.

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