Quick Fix! 2 Brunches For A No-Fuss Easter

easter brunch in chicago
Why is it that disaster knows exactly how to strike at the "perfect" time? If your oven gives up on life, the dishwasher craps out, and the grocery store runs out of eggs, you're going to need to secure a back-up plan. Why not just cart the fam over to one of our two favorite picks for Easter Brunch in Chicago? Before we go any further, let us be clear that this post comes with a reservation warning—make one now, or meet disaster number two. Duchamp is celebrating Easter with a delicious three-course brunch, and at $29 per person, your brood can enjoy a fresh array of holiday-savvy fare. You'll also be able to treat yourself to a selection of Black Dog Gelato, which we highly recommend—holiday or not. At Frontier, guests can dine on an a la carte menu while sipping $5 mimosas and bloody marys (danger). We'd pair those with chargrilled oysters or toffee pancakes, but that's just us.
Duchamp, 2118 North Damen Avenue (at Charleston Street); 773-235-6434. Frontier, 1072 North Milwaukee Avenue (at Thomas Street); 773-772-4322.

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