Sexy-Up Your Summer: Vavoom Pinups Offer Big Deals In August!

Once limited to the pages of 1940's calendars and the forearms of enlisted men, pinups have made huge waves in Chi-Town. Our city's premier purveyor of portraits is Vavoom Pinups, and you need only a quick website click-through to see why they're so popular. Don't just sit there in your office with sad-face, get one of your own! Now's the time, because during the month of August, Vavoom's pinup sessions come with tons of freebies. Chicago's cutest kittens (that's you) and their pups have the chance to get a glammed-up portrait with unlimited outfit choices during shoot time (um, hi). Plus, you'll get one shot to spin the wheel-o-giftcards to see what other goodies you'll score. Bonus: Bring your dog to join you in the shoot, and spin the wheel twice! It's like, the bee's knees.

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