Can You Believe This Style Blogger Is 9 Months Pregnant?

Jennifer Worman is the local style blogger behind Red Soles and Red Wine, and if you've been following her blog for, oh, lets say the last nine months or so, you've noticed that she's been expecting a bundle of joy. She recently gave birth to her adorable baby boy (mazels!), but recently ran a blog post of herself at 39 weeks pregnant. For those who don't know, that's full-term. Is it just us, or does Jennifer look amazing?! All the horror stories and pregnancy gripes we've heard (disclaimer: we're sure she had some!) seem to be put to shame by Jennifer's mommy chic and beautiful pregnant figure. Kudos to Jennifer for style blogging throughout her pregnancy — it's nice to see a Chicago spin on this beautiful time in a blogger's life. Werk it, Mama! (Red Soles and Red Wine)

Photo: Via Red Soles and Red Wine

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