Got $200 To Spare? You Can Catch The Portlandia Duo In The Flesh

Are you as obsessed with Portlandia as we are? We thought so. And that means you'll be thrilled to hear that the show's creators and hilarious stars, Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, will be rolling through San Francisco this spring. And there's a chance that you could even rub shoulders with them!
The hitch? You need $200. And that money, which goes to locally beloved literacy non-profit 826 Valencia, will entitle you to join Fred and Carrie and other Portlandia groupies at a special luncheon and performance at the swanky St. Regis Hotel, on April 18.
There is one other hitch, though: Tickets aren't on sale quite yet. But we thought it wise to give you a heads up to start following 826 Valencia on Twitter or sign up for its email list to get first dibs on this sure-to-be packed event.
Until then, start planning your ideal "Put A Bird On It"-inspired outfit.
Photo: Via Facebook/Portlandia

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