5 Things To Know This AM — Jun 06 2012

Oops — sometimes clicking "delete" isn't enough. Politwoops has recovered over 3,000 tweets politicians tried to wipe out. (Politwoops)
Your five favorite workout songs could be the key to killer bikini abs this summer. (Washingtonian)
Start perfecting your fist pump: Jersey Mike’s Subs is bringing their Garden State sandwiches to 15 new locations in the District. (We were only kidding about the fist pump... sort of.) (The Washington Post)
Caviar and champagne seems like a passé pairing compared to caviar and topcoat. (Politics of Pretty)
Worried your perfume may be a little too sultry for the office? Here are some ideal scents to wear for your 9-to-5. (Capitol File)
Photo: Via Politics of Pretty

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