Would You Show Your Political Pride On Your… Underwear?

Since social media has made it possible to know everything about your acquaintances, there's little mystery surrounding the political opinions of those around you. Between heated Facebook updates and Twitter rants, it's easy to tell who's going to check which box come November. But, we've found a whole new form of political expression: Local lingerie shop Bloomers is selling election-themed thongs. Yep, that's right — unmentionables that say everything about your party preferences.
The Hanky Panky election-ready collection features red, white, and blue panties, and shoppers can pick from an elephant or donkey decal. And, it seems the line is revealing more than just skin: The Alexandria store is sold out of the Republican version, while lefties are flocking to the Shirlington boutique. It's anyone's guess if the different neighborhoods are truly leaning more towards Obama or Romney, but either way, let's discuss: Would you wear your loyalty on your... bum?

Photo: Courtesy of Bare Necessities

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