Just Roll With It: A Healthy Sushi Hot Spot In A Grocery Store?

It seemed that the news couldn't get much better when we first heard that Plum Market, a highly respected, Detroit-based, speciality grocery store, was opening a 27,000-square-foot outpost in Old Town in June. What's not to love about an amazing grocery with an enormous selection of healthful, organic offerings? Not to mention Plum partners with Ann Arbor's Zingerman's, which, in our opinion, is certainly the most acclaimed deli in the Midwest for baked goods, coffee, and candy.
The news, though, is even better than we thought, as we recently learned that chef Takashi Yagihashi, of Takashi and Slurping Turtle fame, is also partnering with Plum Market for a "Tabo Sushi by Takashi" concept in its Plum Kitchen dine-in and carryout area. While there's no official statement on the venture's offerings, the word on the street is that it will feature a stellar selection of natural, organic, health-conscious maki and rolls. Forget shopping, we're staying for dinner!
Perhaps these two ventures knew each other from way back when — before Takashi rose to fame in Chicago, he was an enormously celebrated chef in Detroit with his restaurant Tribute. Whatever the backstory, June can't get here soon enough.
Plum Market, 1233 North Wells Street (at Division); no number yet.
Photo: Courtesy of Takashi

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