Pissed-Off Bunnies Think The Playboy Club Broke The Rules

If you tuned in to watch
The Playboy Club
, NBC's Chicago-based series about the '60s-era club, apparently you were witness to some gross factual inaccuracies. Playboy has long been known for the rules and regulations enforced on all bunnies working at Playboy Clubs back in the day, but NBC has decided those wouldn't make for very good television. Former bunny Marilyn Miller wrote to Vanity Fair documenting the numerous factual inaccuracies in the show, and wasn't shy about her less-than-stellar opinion of NBC's attempt at a period piece. We're wondering though, would you rather see a real look at this swingin' bit of history, or are you glad NBC...improvised? (HuffPo Chicago)

sad bunny
Photo: The Playboy Club image via HuffPo Chicago.

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