Revamp Your Old Clutch With A DIY Paint Job

Growing up in Wisconsin, Jenni Radosevich was always getting creative with her style. Now, living in New York, her ability to "spot style you love, and do it yourself” has manifested itself into I Spy DIY and its corresponding book, I Spy DIY Style. And she's putting those crafty skills to good use as R29's DIY pro!

By now, you and the ubiquitous snakeskin prints should be old friends — and as in any solid relationship, sometimes a bit of reinvention is called for, in order to keep things fresh. So, if you're tiring of that old snakeskin clutch in your closet, we've got a fun DIY to turn the last clutch you'd reach for on a night out into the go-to you're suddenly planning your outfits around.
Not in possession of an old snakeskin clutch you're ready to paint all over? That's okay — many of the cheapest clutches at your favorite mass shops are just begging for this DIY makeover. Hit play above to see how it works.

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