Our Top 5 Ways To Beat This Gross Midwestern Heat

how to beat the heat
This sticky summer weather is unfortunately here to stay, at least for a few more days. We're suffering along with you, so we certainly feel your pain. We can't stand it and neither should you, so we're sharing our choice tricks for surviving a Chicago heat wave. If you've got a few brilliant ideas of your own, comment below and share your wisdom with the entire sweaty Refinery29 community.
1. Ice everything. Our oven isn't getting any lovin' until this heat breaks. Hit up a farmers' market asap for fresh summer veggies that can be eaten raw or in refreshing dishes like ceviche. Take your coffee with a massive glass of ice, and stash your favorite smoothie inside a popsicle mold. Then give one to us, thanks.
2. Stick to smart fabrics. That silk top that goes so well under your vintage blazer can be worn to work another day, trust us. Light linens and cottons are where it's at, at least for another week.
3. Pack prepared. By the time you get where you're going, even the best-intentioned beauty plans can melt into ruin. Keep travel sizes of blotting papers, deodorant, eye makeup, and humidity-fighting products in your tote for touch-ups on arrival. Don't forget your reusable water bottle—it'll be your best friend by Friday.
4. Give up. If you're sticking to the couch trying to catch up on last night's Bravo, relinquish the fight and know you'll download it next week. Go to a movie, grab a cool cocktail, or shamelessly ask your Gold Coast pal for a dip in her rooftop pool. This heat is bigger than we are. Don't fight it.
5. Don't waste your energy. Make sure your home is prepped for a summertime weather attack. Keep shades drawn, and make sure any unnecessary energy-suckers are unplugged.

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