Hack Your Heart Out
The Mess-Free Way To Eat An Oreo

This mess-free trick is the Oreo hack of our dreams.

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We all have our favorite "right way" to devour an Oreo. Some of us will only eat them whole, while others twist the cookie open to eat the frosting first. But, one thing is for certain: Without fail, Oreos always leave us covered in chocolaty crumbs. So, while we'd never  try to change how anyone eats the beloved childhood favorite, we do have a completely genius trick (Seinfeld notwithstanding) for avoiding leaving a trail of cookie-flavored evidence behind on your clothes. Remember this easy idea next time you want to be discreet about your impending cookie snack. Or, when you simply want a cookie without having to share it with your outfit, too. This is the Oreo hack to end all Oreo hacks. Crumbs, be gone! 
How To Eat An Oreo - Cookie HackReleased on April 29, 2015

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